Davina Darton


Davina is a slim and pretty teenage girl with dark hair and fair skin. She favours the colour blue, and is seldom seen not wearing her signature pendant, a silver crescent moon.


Davina is the youngest child and only daughter of Prill Darton, and as such has enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle since she was a child. Trained by private tutors (as befitting a young lady of her rank) Davina is known to be a fan of Old-Empire poetry, and capable of playing the flute, the lute, and pretty much any instrument that ends in -ute. She’s also quite a fine singer, and her performances are sought at well to do parties throughout the social season in Meadowbrook.

Since the previous Seersday festival, Davina has been betrothed to Tolem, one of the nomadic Arcaani horselords that return to the city for the annual trade fair. Whilst this was intended as a political marriage, it appears that Davina and Tolem genuinely care for one another, and their courtship has been the topic of considerable gossip all year.

Davina Darton

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