Prill Darton IV


Prill is a large, barrel-chested human man dressed in expensive, though sombre, silks and velvets. He carries an ornate cane, but it appears an affectation. Prill is in his late middle-years (40’s), has thick dark hair just starting to go grey. He keeps his face freshly shaven.

Prill wears jewellery is subtle but obviously expensive, and all in dark tones to match his clothing with a bear motiff. The sole exception to this is a bright-brass broach, worn close to his throat, in the shape of a hunting horn.


Prill is well known as an upstanding (though shrewd) businessmen and investor in the city of Meadowbrook. He has interests in shipping and caravans, owns several large farms within leagues of the city limits, and has interests in many trade and docking businesses around town.

Prill has two children, a socialite son calledVallin and a teenage daughter called Davina. Davina’s upcoming wedding to Lord Tolem of the nomadic Arcaani horselords is current high profile celebrity gossip within the city.

It is known amongst seedier members of society that Prill is also a “Legitimate Businessman”, running most of the smuggling, racketeering and protection going on within the city. While not the sole group of organised criminals within the city, Prill’s are certainly the largest, and his organisation either runs or has arrangements with almost all the illicit activity that goes on in his city.

Prill Darton IV

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