Vallin Darton


Vallin is a young and especially lean human man with long dark hair tied back into a ponytail. His clothes are sombre, but well made and of exceptionally good fabric, although close inspection reveals an inordinate amount of pockets on both the outside and lining of his vestments. Vallin wears a great deal of simple but expensive (and matching) jewellery, including rings on both hands, bracelets on each wrist, necklaces, broches and even an earing.


Vallin is the only son and oldest child of respected business leader Prill Darton (of Meadowbrook fame). Like many young men of his status, Vallin spent several years at the Academy of Uncanny Sciences studying, however it is reputed he was more focused on making contacts with his classmates than devoting himself to the study of magic.

Vallin recently lead a party (or maybe posse) of his companions to the port city of Lauriet, in order to scope out its criminal underground and possibly extend his fathers criminal network into the area. In doing so, he got caught up in the local Lift scene, and became an addict (an especially dangerous prospect in Lauriet). One of his local contacts, a bard name Liarre, managed to smuggle him out of the city before the authorities caught up with him and had him ferried “to the Farm.”

During his stay at “the Farm”, he’s not only managed to (apparently) kick his addiction, he has also spent some time reflecting on his life and choices, especially in the context of their affect on his immortal soul…

Vallin Darton

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