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First post!
Which is the fencepost you guys walked past on your way out of the Farm...

So I’m going to write this down before I forget. Since this game is a reboot/continuance on of an existing campaign, this first post will be a “previously on…” post, for everyone to catch up.

Our campaign started in the city Meadowbrook, a trading hub on the east coast of the Adjean Sea, the great inland ocean surrounded by the lands of the Mitwelt (the earthly plane of mortals). It sprawls across a wide bay, and strides a wide estuary, where the combined flows of the Tibre and Tilder rivers flow into the great sea. The surrounding grasslands are heavily farmed, and built up upon, however the city itself is reasonably sparsely populated (for a city its size) most of the year.

This changes during the annual Seersday Festival, a month-long celebration and trade fair, which attracts caravans and trade business from across half the world. These traders and buyers, along with the tens of thousands of pilgrims that travel to the city for the festval, swell the cities ranks, filling every hotel room and boarding house, and finding a spare room in the city is well nigh impossible. The cities surrounds are filled with tents and caravans, and entire new districts are formed in the hustle and bustle of commerce and celebration.

Along with the caravans and pilgrims come other travelers, adventurers and “soldiers of fortune”. Despite no prior history of association, four travellers found themselves sharing accomodation in the overcrowded city. A “Orc” barbarian named Ponk, a gnomish shaman, a grizzled dwarven mercenary and a human huckster were enjoying the the festivities of the town one evening when they were swept up in the wake of a bachelor party, pub-crawling its way through town. Impressing the groomsmen with their ability to consume ale, the party learned of the imminent marriage of the horselord Tolem, to a local woman named Davina. Davina’s father, being a man of known wealth and influence, was picking up the bar-tab all evening via a proxy named Dan, and the Nana (the gnomish shaman) managed to impress Dan with her level headedness on an evening when everyone else was more than happy to have a drunken bender.

Thus it was that when in the morning Dan came back to the inn, he had a proposition for our party. There had been a complication with the wedding preparations, and he needed someone to run an errand. Low risk, low pay, but get the guys out of town for an afternoon. Apparently the chef hired for the following days feast had missed an appointment the previous day, an uncommon and unacceptable faux pas on such an important event. Dan requested the party wander out to Grendew’s country house, and see what’s kept him. Grendew’s husband, Andolyn the wizard, travels often, but be wary if he’s home, as he can have a temper.

The party set forth, fearing nothing, and soon came across the single-story dwelling. When nobody answered their knocks, they entered the dwelling, and met no resistance until they came upon the study, where they discovered a small batwinged creature (later identified as an imp) tearing books apart and generally mucking up the place. Doing what adventurers do best, they vanquished the little bastard, and continued onto the kitchen.

If they study was in disarray, the kitchen was a shambles, almost everything which could be broken was, and everything was covered with flour and cheese, including the unconscious Grendew. Upon reviving the chef, he informed them of his dilemma. His experimental dish, an animated golem made from delicious cheezey calzone, had gone berserk, and was wrecking up the place. He’d confined it to the basement, but from the sound of things it was still going strong.

Taking the challenge, our adventurers entered the basement and battled their delicious foe, defeating it without being scalded too badly by its saucey, steamy goodness. They emerged triumphant, only to face the wrathful visage of Andolyn, freshly returned from travels and not really knowing what was going on yet. After some hasty explanations, thanks and rejoicing abounded, with Andolyn rewarding the PC’s with some small moneys and a few potions he had lying around.

The PC’s escorted Grendew back to town, where he was able to whip up an amazing, (but less enchanted) feast for Tolem and Davina’s pre-wedding party.


After escorting Grendew back to town, our intrepid adventurers got themselves an invited to the pre-wedding shin-dig. A huge night-time party, the do was being held outside of town, in a field alongside the river. The enormous marquee could easily hold 300+ people, and it was doing so magnificently.

After meeting Dan and getting their just rewards of numerous gemstones, Dan mentioned that there may be more work for our party. Davina’s older brother, a young man named Vallin, had left many months ago to attend to business in another town along the Adjean, called Lauriet. Since he was out of communication, Prill, and therefore Dan, wanted to get Vallin home before the wedding, which was to commence in another 3 weeks time. it was at approximately this time that one of the members of the party, a beguiler by trade, convinced his cohorts that he should “hold onto the treasure for safe keeping, and meet them at the docks later”. He was never seen again.

Left to their own devices to find transport, the party arranged a meeting with and suitably impressed “Matron” Willina Brandyberg, an elderly halfling that just happened to run her “family business”, the Brandybergy Trading Company. For a nominal fee, the party was able to book passage with a trading ship heading to Lauriet, taking a load of sheep. The affable sailors, all members of the Brandyberg clan, were friendly to the travelling adventurers, passing their days sailing and fishing (mostly for fun). Ponk and Azkaz, buddying up to the sailors, managed to pick up some tips on this popular pass-time.

Upon their arrival, the party decided to split up, Nana and Ponk wanted to meet their designated contacts, while Azkaz wanted to get the lay of the land somewhat. Azkaz managed to make his way down to the docks, before attempting to break into a municipal building to look for some kind of documents about Vallin. After being spotted by some local ruffians, a scuffle broke out which attracted the attention of the local watch. Azkaz, being from out of town, with no legitimate excuse to be breaking into a courthouse, and being a dwarf, was immediately deemed suspicious and arrested.

Meanwhile, Nana and Ponk managed to meet up with their contact, a wizard and childhood friend of Vallin called Tiel. Tiel and his cohort, it appeared, had misplaced the crime syndicate heir somewhere in the city, and they suspected that local law enforcement may be involved. It became apparent that Vallin had a history with interesting substances, and Lauriet was involved in something of a drug epidemic. it didnt take much to put two and two together.

After a daring personal escape, Azkaz managed to escape from prison custody and rejoined the party at the manor-house Vallin and his associates had rented. They discovered at this point their former compatriot, the beguiler, had also made his way to Lauriet to assist in the recovery of Vallin.

Tiel didn’t have many leads for finding Vallin, but knew that there was a “sewing house” near the docks where Vallin had hung out. The party set off to investigate, but as they left their “compatriot” attempted to attack Tiel. After witnessing how quickly a beguiler can get put down by a posse of wizard mooks, the party again decided to check out the sewing-house, while Tiel and his friends dragged the beguiler to the basement to “ask him some questions”.

Polite enquiries at the sewing house earned them an introduction to a bard named Lyare, who had established something of a friendship with Vallin, before he’d disappeared. Lyare couldn’t however offer any extra information.

Whilst in the bar, they were approached by a young woman in leather adventuring gear, who needed assistance…..


The young lady introduced herself as Aurielle, a young hunter who’s business revolved around the selling of hides gathered in the surrounding woodlands. Her usual contact for tanning said hides, an elderly couple who reside on a farm outside of town named the Walkers) hadn’t been responding to her for over a week. She was concerned for their wellbeing, but didn’t want to investigate alone. The party agreed to help her on the morrow.

After Aurielle left, Lyare again came across, with a warning about the young huntress. She was apparently the eldest child of one Torrin Rostrum, a nobleman on Lauriet’s rulling council. Torrin is also Lord Commander of the cities Guard, an organisation that was not known for being friendly to out of towners and other non-humans. Lyare was also able to share a rumor that, perhaps, Aurielle was less interested in the well-being or Mrs Walker as she was the well-being of Mr Walker.

But the heroes, were not to be dissuaded from helping a maiden in distress, especially one who it appeared would be very well positioned to pay them for their assistance, and so they met with young Aurielle the following morning, and together made their way to the Walkers residence, a small multi-building complex about 2 leagues out of town.

After investigating the main house, barn and outhouse, the adventurers attention was drawn towards some large ceramic vases filled with what can endearingly be referred to as “tanning reagents”. Further investigation revealed that all bar one of the vases was filled with these noxious reagents, with the final one actually being a concealed entrance to an underground passage.

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