Aurielle Rostrum


This fine featured young woman seems both graceful but with a certain athletic fitness to her. She is usually seen wearing finely made and embroidered leather armour, in a burgundy colour. Her exceptionally fine bow matches her armour in colour and style.


Aurielle is the eldest child and only daughter of Torrin Rostrum. After her mother died, her father remarried and had several sons, removing the urgency placed upon her to be married for political gain. This allowed her more freedom to pursue her hobbies (most notably hunting) which she took to with much gusto.

Known as a keen shot, and with equipment funded by her family, Aurielle is known to leave the city limits for days or even weeks at a time, on her hunting trips. It is generally understood that her father disapproves of these sabbaticals, but is indulgent to his only daughter.

It was revealed recently by some travelling adventurers that Aurielle has been involved with an unknown cult, operating out of a series of caves just outside the city. It appears she has been luring individuals to the cultists lair with offers of work, where they were then being sacrificed and turned into some form of chaotic beast. The beast was killed and Aurielle captured, however when the adventurers were confronted by the town Militia, Aurielle escaped. The adventurers eluded the Militias involvement when a party of wizards they were affiliated with engaged the militia forces, covering their escape. It is unconfirmed whether the wizards are involved in organised crime, although Rostrum‘s official position is that these men were dangerous criminals and mobsters, seeking to infiltrate the city’s operations.

Aurielle Rostrum

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