This dark-furred minotaur stands an easy 8-feet tall. His broad horns and broader shoulders seem incongruous to the flowing expensive robes he is wearing.


Cersei is a powerful wizard of some renown, and a senior faculty member of the Uncanny Academy. Cersei cuts an intimidating figure, his voice is deep and gruff, yet he is suprisingly articulate and anyone who assumes he shares the common minotaur traits of slow wits and quick anger will find themselves underestimating him quickly.

Though his training lies exclusively in magic, Cersei is not averse to physical displays which would be out of character for other wizards. It is quite a common sight around the university to see Cersei leading and pitching in with menial tasks requiring great physical strength, such as raising scaffolding during construction or moving crateloads of supplies by hand. He’s also been known to encourage (and compete in) feats of athleticism throughout the campus, although as yet he has been unable to encourage enough support amongst the faculty and student body to found a wrestling federation.


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