Daren Svarthelm

This medium sized older gentleman has short clippered hair and grizzled features, which seem incongruous with his expensive clothing


This rough looking half-orc is of average height, but stocky construction. His clothes, though well fitting and obviously well made, are cut in a fashion that reveals the strength of his muscles beneath. Brass rings adorn each hand, and a small bronze chain hangs around his neck, the medallion it carries buried somewhere in his chest hair.


Daren is a long term “associate” and factor of Prill Darton IV, and has spent the last 12 years as his right hand man in the city of Broadmeadows. Despite his humble beginnings working in a street gang, Daren’s blunt and scarred features conceal an exceptionally sharp mind, and working with the considerable resources of the Darton family Daren has managed to greatly increase the wealth and influence of the Darton family business, as well as gaining significant respect (and of course money) for himself as well. Nevertheless, Daren has never lost his love of violence, and still personally oversees many of the “negotiations” and “accounts collections” within the town.

These days, Daren runs much of the day-to-day operations of the Darton families interests, both legitimate and “legitimate”. This has freed Prill to spread his influence into political and international areas, culminating in his current alliance with the Arcaani Horselords (being cemented by the wedding of his daughter Davina Darton. Daren has several large and presumably dangerous “associates” who either follow him around or work on his assignments for him.

Daren Svarthelm

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