Torrin Rostrum


Torrin Rostrum is a middle aged man who’s obvious strength has turned to fat somewhat in his age. He is seldom seen outside of his uniform, which consists of exquisitely crafted full plate armour with extensive gilt.


Rostrum is the leading member of one of the most powerful founding families. He has spent his career as a member of the Lauriet Militia, and has risen to its command by the traditional Lauriet practice of providing the most funding for the Militias support. He is an experienced commander, and has a reputation within the city as being completely uncompromising on crime.

In the last few years, Rostrum has had to invest increasing amounts of time and money into the Militia, to support the Militias drug war in Lauriet. During this time much of the families commercial actions have been taken up by his brother Rinnel

Torrin Rostrum

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