Lauriet is a mining and manufacturing city of some significance, sitting as it does on extensive deposits of quality ores, and also being fortunately located in a sheltered bay close to favoured shipping lanes. It is governed by a council of founding human families, who fund a local militia/guard to enforce the peace. The militias current commander is a local Family member named Torrin Rostrum. These families all tend to have commercial and financial interests in both mining and commerce companies.

With the great wealth that has flowed into the city, (especially to the founding families), the city has prospered and grown large around the bay, with the wealthier citizens naturally buying up most of the higher land for their private residences. In the last generation, outside investors wishing to move into the city and share in its prosperity have redeveloped the land in a series of canals and islands at the back of the bay, turning it into quite a lovely canal district for those who can afford to live there.

It is not a great secret that the ruling families, with no real oversight other than each other, have exploited local resources and markets almost entirely in their favour. The militia have little oversight also, and exploitation and abuses, especially against non-humans, are not uncommon. That said, without the “red-tape” of a complex legal system, the militia is free to crack down on crime, and subsequently there is no known organised crime networks working within the city. At least until now.

Over the last few y ears, Lauriet has been inundated with imports with a new drug, known on the street as “Lyft”. it’s highly addictive and stamping out its distribution has so far eluded authorities, despite severe penalties for even possessing the drug within the city limits.



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