Meadowbrook is a bustling commercial town surrounded by agricultural districts for many leagues around. This small bayside city has been built over a delta system flowing from the subterranean mouth of the Tibre river into the ocean (the delta has largely now been built in and redirected through the cities sewage and stormwater systems. The remaining streams provide transport between the wealthier districts and the poorer, portside districts, where they also provide sanitation.

The land the city is built on is dominated by a high hill near the harbor, and the rest of the city built upon a rolling rise of land leading up to a natural bluff, against which the most exclusive residential districts sit. Spreading out from these places are trade and commercial districts, with industrial and use (such as tanning and livestock slaughter) restricted to the very outskirts of town.

The city is ruled by a council of elected representatives, with 12 recognised commercial guilds each electing a councilor. This council makes planning and taxation decisions, and debate and draft legislation that is voted upon by the paid members of the individual guilds. A full-time city watch are paid for and report directly to the council.

The primary industry of the city is a combined trade/tourism, with the city being the centrepoint for a month long festival and trade-fair that dominates caravan trade across half the continent. The Seersday festival is ostensibly devoted to appreciation of the Seer, but has become the major trading point in for most caravaning traders’ calendars.

Religious tolerance is quite common in the city, with several religions having small shrines in chapterhouses or church-funded hospitals across the city. The primary spiritual direction for the city comes from the Seer, a non-denominational prophet who is supported by acolytes from several different religions.

People we’ve met:

Prill Darton IV
Vallin Darton
Davina Darton


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